The Power Of A Plant – A Teacher’s Odyssey To Grow Healthy Minds and Schools

“We grow vegetables, and our vegetables grow students, classrooms, schools, and communities!”

Stephen Ritz shares the Green Bronx Machine story – how a forgotten box of “onions” transformed a teacher’s career and started a movement. Learn about the unique teaching techniques, the educational technologies, and the community partnerships that led “America’s Favorite Teacher” from his Bronx green house to the Obama White House three times, and from hope to the Pope, while becoming a top ten finalist for the Global Teacher Prize. Today, Green Bronx Machine serves more than 50,000 students daily, with a standards-aligned, scalable curriculum that maintains a 100% teacher satisfaction rate and is just getting started. From the Bronx to the world, Green Bronx Machine is cultivating minds and growing hearts – all while spreading seeds of passion, purpose, and hope!